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This Highly Desirable Residential Service And Repair FranchiseProvides Sales, Installation And Service To Residential Customers. ThisFranchise Has Over 70 Locations Nationwide And Expert Support ToFranchise Owners. The Bulk Of Clients Come From Current Home Owners.This Business Has A Highly Sought-after Exclusive Territory CoveringSeveral Northern California Areas. The Business Is Staffed By ExpertTechnicians Who Have Knowledge Of The Installation Process So New OwnerDoes Need Technical Experience. Current Owner Wants To Pursue OtherInterests. Good, Solid Income Can Be Expanded By Increasing MarketingAnd Advertising Efforts. Long-term Lease Or Can Be Relocated. CompleteTurn-Key Business Is Ready For New Owner To Take Charge. Call ForListing Agent Andrea Oberle @916-225-4648 To Set Up An Appointment.

Selling Price: $930,000 Gross Annual Sales: $1,197,905 Region: West Coast (WA OR CA AK HI) Listing #:37670 [To receive the contact name for this listing, reference the five-digit number which follows each listing and e-mail to FirstList, mergers@firstlist.com. FirstList will forward the contact information pertaining to the intermediary representing the business for sale in order to obtain additional information.]

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Violet is a tricky colour, psychologically speaking. Many adults dislike purples, but are fond of the rose family, which can work in many rooms, including dining rooms, bedrooms and libraries. Young children, on the other hand, respond favourably to violet, so this colour can be used successfully in children's bedrooms and play areas.

Blue, which is part of the cool colour palette, makes us feel calm and tranquil, so it is ideal for use in bedrooms. But since blue works as an appetite suppressant (perhaps because there are few blue foods) it is not the best option for a dining room ... unless you're on a diet.

If you like lavender pink, youre seeking to be more inventive. New possibilities flood your mind. By constantly examining possible practical applications, you create new things, new ideas. Using this purple-pink shade in room design is empowering. You and others will become more determined and self-constructive in a lavender pink office or library. Because it invites warm, exciting conversations, its perfect for dining or living rooms. Guests will feel welcomed.

Yellow is also warm and welcoming, but it is more attention- getting than either red or orange. For this reason, it is a good paint colour to use in poorly lit foyers or dark hallways.

These general guidelines are a good starting point in your search for a paint colour. But remember that colour choice is a very personal matter. You're the one who has to live with your new paint colour, so choose a hue that suits you, your family and your lifestyle.

And after investing time choose the right colour, make sure it continues to look that way long-term by investing in a top quality paint.


Home decor based on your Colour Personality - Confused about selecting colour for your home? Why not try choosing decorating colors based on your unique personality? I decided to have a bit of fun and searched out several websites that cover colour personality types.

Colours in this palette are reminiscent of a sunny seaside. These combinations are refreshing http://www.ancooverheaddoor.com/ and invigorating. They provide sparkle with lightness while also imbuing a sense of soothing calm. Oceanic hues are ideal for making a bathroom, bedroom or study an oasis. These colours provide a balance for those with a hectic life. The person who decorates with these colours is looking for their home to be their escape.

Home and Garden TV has an interesting colour wheel that you can spin with your mouse and find the colour that sings to your soul. When I spun the colour wheel my eyes landed on my favourite colour Pink. Once I selected Pink, I was given five other shades of pink to choose from. I ended up selecting two pinks (Lavender Pink and Hot Pink) I adore. According to the HGTV site these colour choices mean:

Red packs a wallop, physiologically speaking, increasing blood pressure, heartbeat and energy in most people. It instils feelings of intimacy and passion. Red also increases the appetite, which explains why it is used so often in restaurants, and why it can be a good choice for a formal dining room.

Not scared to use strong colour, winters often love reds but avoid soft pinks. Achromatic colour schemes employing tonal variations of black, white and grey are commonplace, giving clean lines and sharp contrasts. Assertive purples are considered a safe choice for the main colour in a colour scheme, a sharp contrast to other seasons that will use purple sparingly as an accent. Blues run the gamut of ice blues through to blue blacks, cool and delineating and reflect onto the green palette giving a range of strong aquas. Neutrals are blacks, whites and greys for dramatic relief against the stronger feature colours. You wont find warm creams here. Simple colour schemes are favoured - one colour as the canvas and then accents of other strong colours for contrast and drama. Like winter personalities, the winter palette is self-assured and intense. Subtle colours are left to the other seasons.

Green is another relaxing colour that is much more versatile than blue. Light greens are ideal for bedrooms and living rooms; mid tones are good for kitchens and dining rooms (many foods are green). Also, because green is calming, it is often used in hospitals, workplaces and schools.

Colour Psychology - Perhaps many of you are contemplating new decorating and painting projects and perhaps you arent aware of the impact that colour has on our mood. Before you pick up that paint brush or roller, read through our colour psychology information. It just might help you set the appropriate mood for your indoor space.

Orange is Hot for 2008 and 2009, the colour Orange continues its stellar run as a fixture for home dcor colour in 2008; and the leader in Colour forecasting, Pantone, projects that the Orange colour trend will continue on beyond 2010. Its no surprise why, Orange is a warm, inviting, dynamic, invigorating and energetic colour.

If you like hot pink, you are constantly thinking about exciting things to do. Through your body language and appearance, without even being aware, you are sending out enticing messages. Designing with this magenta shade of pink creates adventurous conversations and situations. It makes you and others less sceptical and more enthusiastic. Use this colour to turn dull into exciting. Think party room!

First Things First - Choosing a Colour Scheme

Orange, like red, tends to warm a room, but in a more friendly and welcoming way. As a result, paints in various shades and tints of orange work well in living rooms and family rooms.

The Pratt and Lambert colour quiz was the most comprehensive colour personality test of all those I reviewed. Taking into account not only colour likes but other factors that make you different. This test was the only one that returned a colour scheme that was very similar to my personal decorating style. I was impressed. According to the Pratt & Lambert site my colour personality:

16 x 8 feet


8 x 8 feet

14 x 7 feet

Doors for residential areas will http://www.garagedoorsca.com/ depend on the size of the car. Whether you have an SUV or a mid-size car, the width and height of the doors will vary. And to keep consumers happy and satisfied (plus increase sales), many manufacturers are making personalized doors as well. This way, no matter what size of your car, you can easily accommodate it in your garage. Of course, the size of the house and the space for the door available also plays an important role. However, if you're just building a new home, you can easily alter the size of the garage to fit the car.

Double Car Doors


12 x 7 feet

9 x 8 feet

5 x 7 feet


18 x 8 feet

10 x 7 feet

12 x 8 feet

Single Car Doors

9 x 7 feet


14 x 8 feet

8 x 7 feet

6 x 7 feet

Right from choosing the garage door sizes to remodeling or repairing them, the actual task can be very daunting. Not many of us are aware of what exactly goes into the whole process and most of the time, we end up hiring a contractor to take care of all the home improvement jobs. Now I'm not saying that hiring a professional is a bad thing but when it comes to finding an inexpensive way to change, repair, or replace the door, the option of "do-it-yourself" does sound very appealing. The replacement costs can be so high that it can really put a dent in your wallet. But no matter how expensive the whole project may be, it has to be done. And before you can even reach that part, it is important that you learn about the different garage door sizes (Yes, there are various sizes). So let's not waste any time and get right to it.

What are the Standard Sizes

5 x 6 feet


18 x 7 feet

16 x 7 feet

5 x 8 feet

6 x 8 feet

There are some doors which can't go below a certain size because of the local building codes. In that case, you won't be able to get a specific size as per your needs. So check the building codes of where you reside, and then go shop for the doors.

Along with the width and height for the doors, you also need to keep in mind the internal headroom and the reveals should also be measured. The correct measurements will keep enough clear space under the lintel of the ceiling and the width on either sides of the garage where you can stand. Which is why, it is essential you do extensive research on the type of the garage you want along with the size comparison.

10 x 8 feet


Golf Cart Doors

There are almost all manufacturers who have the standard door sizes. However, there are few other manufacturers who cater to special requests for golf cart or RV door sizes. So if you, somehow, couldn't find the right size for your garage, you can perhaps widen the search to those manufacturers that can meet your requirements.


Precision Door Service of Houston

Visit the website for more information, special offers, and coupons. Additionally, there is the opportunity to customize a new door. Design your new door today and receive a free quote using the Garage Door Designer.

For professional garage door repair in the Greater Houston Area, Make the Right Decision. Call Precision! "We Fix Garage Doors Right!"

Houston, TX, June 17, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Congratulations to RichardBooms and Steve Freitas, the new owners of Precision Door Service ofHouston.

This location originally opened in 2001, and proudly serves the Greater Houston Area including these areas: Katy, Pearland, The Woodlands, Channelview, Cypress, Kingwood, League City, Sugar Land, and Tomball.

Contact Information:



Read the full story here: http://www.pr.com/press-release/564403

Phone: (877) 982-3626

Contact via Email

Rich Boom / Steve Freitas

It is a full service garage door company specializing in Garage Door Repair, Replacement Garage Doors, and repair of Garage Door Openers.


Rich and Steve joined the Precision Door Family in 2010 and have enjoyed building the Best Garage Door Company on the Planet. Their businesses seek to provide world class customer service while ensuring their employees enjoy financial success. Their Precision Door Businesses continue to grow under the watchful eyes of the Foris Solutions Team of Scott Johnson, Joe Loader, Craig Poet and Brian Kruger. To quote Scott, Foris Solutions is growing http://chapmangaragedoor.com/ like a weed and we having fun building a network of winners.

Same Day Repair, Evenings & Weekend Service Available at No Extra Charge. When you call Precision, your call with be answered 24/7 by live operator and we will schedule an appointment at a time that is convenient for you.

I know that was a short ten minutes _____________, but are you ready to go? Good. We can take my car, so lets go ahead and get going. It will be about a thirty-minute drive to where we are going for your surprise. While we are driving, I would like to share some thoughts with you. First I would like you to know that this surprise is NOT an option. Unfortunately, it is already paid for and a refund is not possible. When we get there ____________, if for any reason you think you might have some FEARs that would keep you from enjoying this surprise, I want you to put them aside and concentrate on the experience. Okay ______________, we are almost there. As we pull in to the drive, I want you to close your eyes and Ill walk you to the door. As you get out of the car, watch you step. Hold onto my arm and Ill lead you. Okay, just a few more steps. Now _____________, Im going to put you in place here and when I count to three, I want you to open your eyes and see your surprise. Are you ready _____________? Are you sure? Okay - 123! Open your eyes ____________, because Im taking you on a SKYDIVE!!!

I would like to invite you to take this challenge for real at sometime in the future. You will be amazed at what this simple exercise can do for your results as well as your entire life once you get past your FEAR.

Author's Bio:

Steve Linton has been in the personal development business since 1996. As a top income earner in network marketing, his personal achievements include being a professional pilot with over 6000 hours of flight time, author of the book "How I Made Six Figures in One Month", speaker and skydiving videographer with over 7000 jumps. He has participated in the creation and marketing of a highly successful personal development program that has trained thousands of people to maximize their potential. Steve is committed to inspiring all to achieve their maximum potential.


Alright __________, I know you might have some FEAR about this but I assure you everything is going to be okay. Ive got ten years in the sport and 7000 jumps, so I know that you are going to be fine. What we are going to do is go inside and fill out some paperwork and then we will meet with your tandem master who will be taking you on your jump. Dont worry, Ill be right there with you because Im going to jump with you and capture your entire experience on video so you can show all of your friends and family. Are you excited? Great! Lets go.

We are turning onto jump run now so we are about sixty seconds from exit. I look down the bench at _________ to get one last close-up of the emotions he/she is feeling. I can see tears running down ___________s face. I know he/she is scared right now, but Im betting it will be totally different when we get back on the ground. I look up and the yellow light comes on which means we are about ten seconds to jump. A skydiver next to me yells DOOR! That lets everyone know that the door is coming open. The five-foot wide, roll-up door of the twin Otter jump ship flies open and the rush of cold air fills the cabin. The intensity of the wind noise is sometimes shocking for first-time jumpers. The group ahead of me positions themselves in the door for exit. The teams captain hollers Ready Set GO! The four-way team quickly falls away from the back of the door.

First I would like to talk about where FEAR comes from. Most FEARs come from a lack of information or education about what is FEARed. Im not going to go into analyzing your nightmares or anything, I simply want to focus on the real-life FEARs that hold you back from higher levels of success. I would like you to think of something in your mind that brings FEAR to you. Now I want you to ask yourself a question How much do you really know about that source? Please be honest. Do you know a lot or a little? Lets talk about flying. Many people are afraid to fly. You may not be, however, many people are. If you talk to someone who is on an airplane, big or small, about why they are afraid to fly, you will generally get the same answer. I know this because I have been a pilot for almost twenty years and I have asked hundreds of people this very question. Most people will tell you they are afraid the plane will crash. I know that sounds like an obvious answer, however, when I ask the next question, Why are you afraid that the plane will crash? I again get the same answer most of the time. They will tell me that they are afraid the plane might fall out of the sky or crash into another plane.

Are you ready to head to the plane __________? We are on a five-minute call so we are going to head on out to the tram that will take us down to the plane. Now _________, (Talking over loud aircraft engines) as we approach the plane I want you to stay right next to me so I can be sure you dont walk into the prop, okay? I wont be able to talk to you once we get on the plane because we wont be sitting together so have fun and Ill see you in freefall. Watch your head when you go up the step so that you dont smack it on the floater bar. Hey ________, remember - have fun. Im going to be right in front of you during the freefall so dont forget to smileand dont get fixated on the ground. Look around and enjoy the view.

This may seem like a silly exercise to you, however, if you did indeed let yourself be a part of the story, Im going to bet that you felt some emotions of your own as we got closer to the jump. What is significant about this exercise is the level of FEAR that is present at the beginning versus the end. The reason the FEAR is not present at the end is simply because the subject learns that when they leave the airplane there is no stomach-in-your-throat feeling, there is no feeling of falling, the ground does not rush up at them and they did not die. They realize that they can truly fly relative to something else in freefall. All of the stuff that they created in their head about skydiving was just that STUFF they created. None of it was reality. The reason they created that stuff was because of a lack of correct information and also conditioning. They were conditioned to believe that if they jump out of an airplane, they are going to die.

Now that you have that paperwork done, Im want to introduce you to Dean. Dean will be your tandem master today and he is going to make sure that you have a great time and come back safely. Dean, this is __________, and __________, this is Dean. Great, now ___________, why dont you come over here and put this jumpsuit on - youll probably have to take your shoes off. While you are doing that, Im going to go get my camera equipment ready.

As I walk away to go get my camera ready, I look back at __________, and I see the emotion taking over. I can see the FEAR of the reality starting to set in. _________ is even starting to sweat. When I come back with my camera, _____________ is sitting there waiting and looking at the other people coming in from the landing area. I can almost see the knots building inside his/her stomach.

One of my favorite things to do is surprise people for their birthday. I dont know if I can remember when your birthday is and Im sure I missed the last one so Im going to surprise you with a gift today. I will be over to your house to pick you up in ten minutes so be ready.

I get _________ up the ladder and on to the plane. ________ and Dean are sitting all the way toward the pilot and I am in the back of the plane by the door. I love this part. I get to capture all of the emotion on video and show someone a world they otherwise wouldnt know. As we taxi out with the engines at a loud roar, I look at _______s face and I can see the FEAR is really setting in. I like to zoom in on the students face in this situation to truly capture the emotion that they are experiencing. As I zoom in on __________s face, he/she is staring out the window with a blank look. As the plane climbs through ten thousand feet on the way to fourteen thousand, we are getting closer to my favorite part. I love filming because I get to watch people through all of their emotions and generally they http://www.diy-garage-door-parts.com/ are extremely thankful for the experience.

I promptly grab the floater bar and swing my self outside the airplane to the camera step. Quickly getting positioned, I look back inside the airplane at _________ and Dean. _________s face is pale and blank. I try to make eye contact, but the FEAR is obviously in control right now. Dean begins the exit but is halted by __________s death-grip on the airplane. Dean struggles to peel __________s fingers from around the floater bar. Finally, they are ready to go. Dean starts his exit rock ready set go. We all three leave the airplane. Dean gives _________ a summersault exit. As they get stable and Dean deploys the drogue, I fly on my back up in front of __________ and then flip over on my belly. That generally gets a smile from tandem passengers, when they see this body flying upside down in front of them while they are falling at 120 MPH. I position myself directly in front of and slightly below _________s face. We are only about ten seconds out of the plane and already that fear on __________s face has melted away to reveal a grin from ear to ear. That FEAR that was present is now gone and ____________ is looking all around and waving at me. As we fly around the sky, ________ gives me a thumbs-up along with a huge smile.

FEAR False Expectations Appearing Real. FEAR is the number one thing that holds people in mediocrity and must be addressed before anything else can be accomplished. Approaching anything new or different in your life, regardless of whether it's in your personal life or your professional life, requires some ability to deal with FEAR - some ability to get "out of the box." You will not sufficiently be able to get out of the box until you can address your FEARs. The whole purpose for this article is to help you do just that. Also, you will notice that each time you see the word FEAR it will be in all caps. The reason I have written it this way is to remind you that FEAR is just an acronym that stands for False Expectations Appearing Real. Each time you see the word in print or hear the word in conversation, remember what it stands for.

When I first started my flight training, I can remember taking off in a Cessna 152 and feeling that flinch of my body each time the plane hit a bump or rocked to the side. When it would happen, I would want to brace myself against the sides of the plane as if the plane were going to stop flying. It is a natural reaction because your subconscious mind has not been conditioned to know that the plane works by the strict laws of physics and under normal circumstances, will not fall out of the sky. The air traffic control system in the United States is also not widely understood by the general public. The fact is that the system that is in place, which allows airplanes to fly without crashing into each other, is very precise. That is not to suggest that accidents dont happen, however, under normal circumstances, the system keeps planes separated very well. My point is that flying is very safe and most FEAR of flying comes from a lack of information or education about the subject.

I would like to take you on a visualization exercise. I understand that you are reading and you probably cannot read with your eyes closed, so I would like you to allow yourself to really be a part of the story. I want you to be the person I am talking about. As I take you through this experience, I will be talking as if I am talking directly to you. I want you to be the person I am talking with and respond to me in your mind just as you would if we were actually in conversation. The more you allow yourself to be present in this experience, the more you will get out of the experience. When I am speaking to you I will leave a blank ____________, for your name. It is more effective than you seeing a name that is not yours. Remember ____________, when you see a blank, you say your name in your head, because I am talking to you. Are you ready _____________? Great! Lets go.

Its our turn now. I look down the bench and ________ and Dean are sliding towards the door. I attempt to establish some quick eye contact with __________, but he/she is fixated on the door. I give one last attempt to communicate with ___________; I lean in close towards the two of them, Are you ready to skydive? No answer comes back. The blank stare looks so familiar. Ive seen that look hundreds of times.

I film the tandem opening and then hurry down to the landing area so that I can film their landing. As they approach overhead, I can hear _____________ yelling Wha-Hooo! He/she is waving at all of the spectators and the laughter is evident. The tandem approaches with a beautiful stand-up landing. Before I can even say a word, _____________ begins yelling, That was the greatest thing Ive ever done I want to go again! I ask, So, does that mean you enjoyed it? ___________ replies by saying Oh my gawd, it was so cool. I didnt feel like I was falling or anything. Watching you fly around was awesome I didnt know you could fly like that we were flying.
Depending on when your garage door opener was manufactured, the sensor eyes are replaceable but different from each other. Most are swappable between each other. There is a transmit eye and a recieve eye. If the transmit eye is not lit http://precisiondoor.net/ double check all of the wiring between the sensors and the back of your garage door opener, teh recieve eye only lights up if the transmit eye is working and they are aligned properly.. The opener is the unit on the ceiling, not the hand held transmitter. Some people confuse the terminology.

By holding the wall button in to force the opener to close the door is a built in safety by the manufacturer.

Double check the lenses on the sensors too, they can be pretty sensitive and something as simple as a spider web can cause them to malfunction.

Usually the last thing to go wrong would be the logic board for the opener itself. Look at the back of the opener and there should be a colored button near the wiring. It could be blue, yellow, red, green. there should be a l.e.d next to it that may be flashing. Count the number of flashes. This is a built in self test that could tell you what the problem is. Let me know how this works.

Craftsman openers are made by Chamberlain Manufacturing which also makes LiftMaster, Wayne Dalton, and numerous other openers. The sensor eyes can be purchased online if necessary just shop around for the best deal. Ebay is a great place to start.


MINNEAPOLIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Exosite is proud to congratulate its client, The Genie Company, for being among only 14 companies to receive this prestigious award. TMC, a global, integrated media company, announced the recipients of the 2015 Connected Home and Building Award, presented byIoT Evolutionmagazine.

Exosite nominated Genies Aladdin Connect smart-device-enabled garage door controller for its innovative design and transformational technology. The award honors organizations delivering software or hardware solutions, which enable the advancement of the smart home and building industry.

With 61 years as a leader in the garage door opener and accessory industry, Genie was poised to leverage its forward-thinking reputation with its new smart device application, Aladdin ConnectTM, and is well deserving of this award.

Combining forces with Exosite, an IoT platform leader, Genie created the next top-of-the line IoT connected garage door opener accessory. This newly designed controller has the ability to monitor up to three garage doors from one door control module, which covers the vast majority of garages in America.

Aladdin Connect adds additional security to the monitoring system with its intelligent design. By positioning the sensor on the garage door, Aladdin can monitor door movement even if the door is disengaged from the opener by the release cord. This allows for a more secure and convenient home and puts Genies product one step ahead of other IoT garage door applications.

Other features of Aladdin Connect include:

Controlling the garage door remotely (e.g., opening the door for a delivery or repair person, or a babysitter without having to leave a key under the mat). Authorizing users of the garage door opener, such as a neighbor to care for pets. Alerting persons near by, an audible and visual warning from a door control module signals that the door is about to move. Recording a history of the last 100 open/close operations of the garage door, including dates and times.

As the garage door is the main entry for many homeowners, garage door security is just as important as the front door. Aladdin Connect, from The Genie Company, with IoT technology from Exosite, is the convenient and secure answer for homeowners joining the smart home movement.

About The Genie Company

The Genie Company is based in Mt. Hope, Ohio, and is a leading manufacturer of garage door openers and accessories for residential and commercial applications. With its main manufacturing facility in Baltic, Ohio, its roots run deep as an American brand that http://www.searsgaragedoors.com/GarageDoorRepair.aspx has been synonymous with garage door openers since 1954. The Genie name itself is a wellrecognized icon among homeowners, builders, and dealers alike. Genie distributes its openers and accessories through a broad distribution channel of professional dealers, wholesalers, and retailers throughout the U.S. and Canada. The Genie Company is a separate division of Overhead Door Corporation.

About Exosite

Exosite, with offices in the Americas, APAC, and EMEA, enables the worlds leading durable goods manufacturers in consumer, commercial, and industrial markets to quickly build and deploy solutions that capture the IoT generation of their business. Exosite provides an enterprise-grade, analytics-driven IoT software platform that allows OEMs to create economic leverage while eliminating the risk and burden of custom infrastructure. For more information, visit www.exosite.com.


STAMFORD, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Apple Watch lets you order an Uber, check into your flight, make a dinner reservation and now for the first time ever you can open your hotel room door all with the flick of the wrist. Starting today, members of Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG), the award-winning loyalty program from Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc. (NYSE:HOT), have instant access to the #spglife thanks to the SPG App for Apple Watch.

Marrying high-tech and high-touch, the SPG app for Apple Watch is designed to anticipate and respond to the in-the-moment needs of guests from mobile check in, to opening their guest room door, to providing information like the hotel address, room number, confirmation number, and directions and SPG account informationwith just a glance of the wrist.

Were committed to mobile and digital innovation and are excited to be the first hotel company to let guests check in and open their hotel room door with their Apple Watch, said Mark Vondrasek, Senior Vice President, Distribution, Loyalty and Partnership Marketing for Starwood Hotels & Resorts. In todays mobile world, people increasingly expect their technology to help them do whatever they need on the spot. Apple Watch allows us to engage with our guests and give them the information they need instantaneously in a simple yet extremely stylish way.

A tap of the finger gives instant access to in-the-moment features including:

Navigate like a Native: Leveraging state-aware technology, guests receive the hotel address and directions in both the default and the local language upon arrival in their destination city. Throughout a guests stay, the app sharestransportation options including estimated costs. Hassle-Free Check-in: Reservation details and confirmation number are front and center, ensuringa smooth check-in. Unlock Your Stay: After registering for SPG Keyless, the Apple Watch will automatically send guests their room number and will function as their hotel room key at any SPG Keyless enabled Starwood hotel allowing guests to bypass the front desk (where available). See into the Future: The app will display the hotel name, photo, and stay dates for up to four upcoming Starwood stays. Track Your Status: Members can access their SPG account information, receive alerts about newly posted Starpoints, and get congratulated when they graduate to elevated statuses Youre Speaking My Language: Currently available in English, the SPG App for Apple Watch will feature Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish languages.

Open Sesame! SPG Members Increasingly Ditch the Key Card SPG Keyless Up and Running in 100+ Hotels

In November, Starwood redefined the age-old way guests arrive and check-in to their rooms with the introduction of SPG Keyless, the hospitality industrys first mobile, keyless entry system allowing guests to use their smartphone as a key. Starwood partnered with ASSA ABLOY, the global leader in door opening solutions, to create an all-new, Bluetooth-enabled lock and keyless software, which are designed to securely recognize and connect with a guests mobile device and now Apple Watch.

We know guests http://www.denveroverheaddoors.com/ expect service and convenience in the palm of their hand and now its available at the flick of the wrist, added Vondrasek. Member response to SPG Keyless has been terrific and grows every day as we continue to roll out this functionality around the globe.

More than 130,000 SPG members in 130 countries have registered for SPG Keyless. Currently available in more than 100 Aloft, Element and W hotels, SPG Keyless is rapidly rolling out and will soon be available on 30,000 doors in 150 Aloft, Element and W hotels around the globe.

For more information on the SPG app for Apple Watch, please visit, spg.com/mobileapps or join the conversation at @SPG or @StarwoodBuzz #spglife

About Starwood Preferred Guest

Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) is an innovative, award-winning frequent traveler program that unites each of Starwoods 10 distinctive hotel brands and includes more luxury hotels in more destinations around the world. SPG reinvented the hospitality loyalty landscape when it launched in 1999 with its breakthrough policy of no blackout dates, and over the years has continued its tradition of innovation with enhancements such as Cash + Points, SPG MomentsSM, and most recently Your24 and SPG Lifetime. In addition to Free Night Awards at more than 1,200 hotels and resorts and Award Flights on over 350 major airlines without blackout dates, the Starpoints that members earn through SPG can be redeemed for access like no other to experiences in music, sports and the arts through SPG Moments.SPG offers the opportunity for meeting and travel professionals to earn rich rewards including Starpoints and elite status through SPG Pro. SPG also has an ongoing commitment to digital innovation to meet the needs of todays connected global traveler from the SPG app for iPhone that utilizes state-aware technology to create a more personalized hotel stay to Starwoods Best Rate Guarantee on SPG.com, to SPGs integration within various social media platforms. Offerings such as these have helped SPG build a passionate member base among the worlds most frequent travelers. Learn more at spg.com, spg.com/pro and spg.com/moments and connect with us on facebook.com/spg, twitter.com/spg, foursquare.com/spg, pinterest.com/spglife, and youtube.com/spg.


If your garage door rollers are squeaking and squealing, they're due for a replacement, pronto. Follow the simple tutorial to save money and aggravation by taking care of this essential task yourself.

3. Energy Saving Insulation

10. Conversion to Family Room

Use your imagination to change a plan-Jane garage into a space that's ... well ... doggone delightful. This pet grooming salon gets a cutely kitschy vibe from hand-painted panels, paired with corrugated tin and inexpensive wood.

When is a garage not a garage? When it's converted into a much-needed family room! If you're strapped for living space, use your DIY skills for an elegant yet cozy redo.

Add interest to your garage -- not to mention resale value to your home - with classic carriage house style that's quick and easy to do yourself. New hardware for the door will run you about $4, and the "windows" are just painted on.

Feeling inspired? Find more great garage and garage door upgrades you can do DIY via Hometalk.

On a sunny summer weekend, who wants to believe that winter is ever coming back? But insulating your garage door now is a pretty hot idea. This project will lower your energy bills all year long ... and it's a heck of a lot easier when there's no snow on the ground.

Have you always wanted a mudroom? Dedicate a corner of your garage, with the help of DIY custom shelving and a convenient shoe storage bench. Board and batten walls make for an upscale finishing touch.

Your garage, so often taken for granted, is actually a very useful chunk of real estate. Its visibility has a major impact on your home's curb appeal, while its size (usually at least 400 square feet) opens up all kinds of repurposing possibilities. Here are 10 DIY ways to maximize your garage's potential this weekend.

Look at what you can do by snitching just a slice of garage space! Here's an efficient remodel which includes a laundry, pantry, coat closet, powder room and just what every garage needs: a wine bar.

Revamp your sun-ravaged, faded aluminum garage door with a simple-to-apply gel stain. The result: a convincing-looking faux wood finish that will make your garage look better than new!

Get all your stuff up off the floor but your car! The ultimate garage organization uses every inch of your garage space and even makes room for His-and-Hers workbenches ... without poaching your parking spot.

Transform http://www.lovelandgaragedoorsexperts.com/ your garage entry from ho-hum to homey -- in a hurry. All you need is a bit of pretty (leftover?) paint and a few special decals to create this welcoming look.

This is for a door with two horizontal springs that are parallel to the horizontal door track.

Yes you can re-attach the cable. You will have to know the route the cable makes. It is attached to the bottom of the door winds around the top of the pulley, and attaches to the spring. Since the cable became detached, I will assume http://www.minneapolishomegaragedoors.com/ there is no tension on the spring. Check the cable and pulley for any damage. If either are damaged, they should be replaced. Parts are available at home-centers. If the cable/spring on the other side of the door is in tact, just follow the routing of the cable. You must do this with the door in the upright position to eliminate any tension on the spring. When attached, the spring should stretch out and tight enough to have no sag and thus hit the track. When all is attached and adjusted, try the door without power assistance. It should move smoothly and without any jerks. Now try with the power, and all should be well.

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